Coniferous Clock

Traditional Japanese sugidama are boughs of fresh cedar branches tied together, clipped into a sphere and hung up when sake – Japanese rice wine – was pressed following the rice harvest. When the cedar leaves had dried and the sugidama had turned completely brown, it was a signal that the sake was ready to drink.

The Japanese design collective, Bril, is founded by Tatsuro Kuroda, Jo Nakamura and Fumiaki Goto after they graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011. They filled a circular Japanese cedar frame with leaves that gradually fade from green to brown over the course of a year, to create an annual coniferous clock, following the change of seasons.

Similar to the ancient tradition, the color of the Coniferous Clock gradually turns from green to brown. This way, you can really feel the different season in your home as if you were in the forets.
all images courtesy of bril

Text: Rachel Edwards

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