The new Stone Age

Although we find it hard to imagine the Flinstone Family being a group of design hipsters, the Stone Age is definitely reviving. Stone, in all its forms and finishings, has shaken of his massive and expensive image for a new lighter and budget-friendly use. An excellent exemple of the contemporary and versatile use of natural stone was shown by Caesarstone and Raw-Edges Design Studio during the last Milan Design Week. Together they set up a series of Stone Islands, small compartments that can be easily integrated in different parts of the home. A coffeetable with integrated plants for instance, or a wooden bath-tub covered in stone, a colourfull kitchen island or even a ping-pong table. Up-to-date, sustainable, long-lasting and last but not least: they look really pretty.,

Text: Charlene Preston 


Dark brown natural stone with a shiny finishing makes a glamorous coffeetable. Thanks to the integrated plants there is no need to invest in posh plant pots.


A bath-tub stripped down to the bare essence. The luxurious cold black marble contrasts the warm woodwork and the playfull blue shower.


To emphasize the extreme versatility of stonework, Raw Edges Design Studio developed a ping-pong table in natural stone. After a few rounds, the table can be re-used for meetings.


The most popular island of all: the contemporary kitchen island in grey stone and coloured woodwork.


For those who have more affinity with animals than plants: the fish-version of the coffee-table.