Say What?

Very often, you can recognize a true design-lover in little details. Small every day objects that have an unespected twist to them. Like these new Bluetooth speakers by Moss, the ‘Boutique Speaker Company’ founded by British audio designer Nik Lee. Every one of these ‘Piccadilly’ speakers are polished and assembled by hand. “You can achieve an exceptional level of quality using traditional fabrication techniques where products are produced with care and attention to detail by master craftsmen,” Lee says. Apart from that, Moss also focusses on the ‘fun’ aspect of things, creating playful and colourful designs that make you smile. And what will make our more technical readers smile: The Piccadilly speaker has a 40mm full range speaker driver and uses a Class D Digital amplifier. This pumps out 3 watts of sound, which is enough to fill a room. The speakers are sold at The Conran Shop in London for £99.

Text: Charlene Preston

Misterpresident-1.Moss-Piccadilly-Black-ZigZag-1 Misterpresident-1.Moss-Piccadilly-Dotty-Background-1 Misterpresident-1.Moss-Piccadilly-Paterned_Green Misterpresident-1.Moss-Piccadilly-Red-Spotty-2 Misterpresident-2.Moss-Piccadilly-Whats-In-The-Box Misterpresident-3.Moss-Piccadilly-With-iPhone Misterpresident-4.Nik-Lee