How Sweet is Home?

When you are curating Belgium’s most important design fair, the Biennal Interieur in Kortrijk, it is quite controversial to choose a theme that questions the importance of the home. But that is exactly what British architect and former Domus editor-in-chief is doing with his lectures and exhibitions stating ‘The Home Does not Exist’. Grima says that while the design-world has not really changed over the past decades, the home as we know it has experienced  an incredible evolution. Houses are getting smaller to begin with, and due to social media the whole idea of privacy has changed, even inside our homes. What consequences that holds for the international design-scene, and whether we can forget about chairs and tables all together, will be displayed in the Southern city of Belgium during the Biennale Interieur, from October 17th-26th.

Text: Charlene Preston

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