Let it snow!

The American ice cream brand Häagen-Dasz has a tradition of incorporating famous designers into their culinary christmas products. In past years, people could enjoy creations by Front design and Doshi Levien during christmas dinners. This year, the Japanese design studio Nendo spent some hours in the fridge to create an ice cream cake village for Häagen Dasz. This special creation will be sold at the Champs Elysées Häagen-Dasz shop in Paris throughout the winter festive season. For those with large family dinners: different cakes can be connected to each other using chocolate bridges.

“Christmas is about homecoming, about spending time together with family, so we created a cake that’s a small village, composed of houses clustered closely together,” said the Nendo designers. “We thought the winter wonderland scene would emphasise the warmth and cheer inside each home.”


Text: Charlene Preston


The pink homes are sented with a fresh berry taste and an orange caramel sauce inside.


The milk chocolate houses are filled with fudge and caramel, inspired by the Dulce de Leche ice cream flavour.


Different villages can be connected through snowy bridges in chocolate.


Le Village by Nendo will be on sale in the Champs Elysées Häagen-Dasz shop in Paris. One village serves 8 to 10 people and costs 49 euros.